Studio Portraits



A family portrait is the most beautiful piece of art on any wall.  A family portrait is even greater than art; it is personal.  A family portrait captures your moments in time, preserving the memory even as life marches forward.  A family portrait is powerful, it fills you with pride for what you have done.  It reflects the uniqueness that each family has unto themselves.  Your family is your life’s work.

Bell Studios would be honored to create a portrait of “your life’s work”.

Call us today for your personal consultation on how we can assist you in creating a portrait of your life’s work.



There are many rites of passage that come with graduating high school, and senior portraits are one of the best.  Bell Studios specializes in creating unique individual portraits.  We want you to be you!  Location Portraiture is the best answer.
The real outdoors is the only place for true outdoor portraits. Bell Studios offers the widest selection of outdoor shots. You can choose from our picturesque locations or designate a special spot of your own. Don’t be fooled by outdoor setups inside, nothing can replicate the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Come by and preview our location samples.

Senior Portraits should be divided into two categories: Classic Portraiture and Unique Stylized Portraiture.

Bell Studios offers the best of both worlds for your portraits.  We create classic portraits in the studio, then specialize in your unique stylized location images.